Iron-Tech Zrt. | 12. Dencsházai Str. Szigetvár, 7900 | Phone: +36 73 510 132 | +36 73 510 133 | Fax: +36 73 510 134

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About the Company

Our company started its operation in Szigetvár (Hungary), in 1999, under the leadership of Tibor Bocskor. Our constantly developing company dealing with metalworking, now has 3 sites and employs nearly 200 people in our production halls equipped with advanced technology.

We have achieved a decisive role in the field of metal machining and the production of spare parts, both on the domestic and international markets. Continuous renewal has been an important feature of our business philosophy.

We deliver high production quality and environmentally conscious manufacturing approach. Our primary objective is to satisfy the needs of existing and prospective clients as well as to create conditions that enable us to fulfil the requirements for automobile industry suppliers.

Project supporters

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